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Thermal Imaging Special this Month Only $100


 What is Thermal Imaging? How Does it Work?

A special lens focuses the infrared light shown by all of the objects in view. The focusing light is then scanned by a variety of infrared-detector elements. The detector elements make a meticulous temperature pattern known as a “thermogram”. After about one-thirtieth of a second, the detector gathers the temperature it will use to create the thermogram. Thousands of points are used to gather this information, and then converted into electric impulses. These electric impulses are sent to a signal-processing unit, that converts the elemental information into readable data. The information is sent from the unit to the display, where it appears as varying colors. This depends on the intensity of the infrared emission. All of these elements are combined to form the image.



How can it help with the inspection of my home?

This technology is great for detecting moisture intrusion or a leak in the walls, ceiling, or floor that would otherwise go undetected with a standard visual inspection. The thermal camera may also be able to detect overloaded or faulty wiring because it often runs hot in the wall and ceiling. At an unbeatable price of $99, when added to your standard home inspection, the decision is almost made for you.


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