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We do not perform mold remediation or repair work, as not to create a conflict of interest for our highly valued clients. If you need an affordable mold inspection from an experienced and dedicated company, you have made the right choice.


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Your Health and Mold


It is estimated that there is over 400,000 different types of mold. Less than 100,000 have actually been named, of which less that 1,000 are commonly found indoors. Of all the molds found indoors, few are known to produce potentially harmful mycotoxins. That's the good news. The bad news is, without a proper visual inspection, equipment measurements and mold testing with laboratory analysis there is no way to know the difference. Direct microscopic analysis by highly trained and educated personnel working from a third-party laboratory combined with an on-site inspection of the environment by a trained and certified inspector is the only way to know for certain if mold is present, which types of mold are present and if there are elevated levels in the air and on surfaces.


Young children and elderly people will have a much hard time dealing with the symptoms of mold exposure. Exposure to airborne mold spores can occur through inhalation, ingestion or skin contact, and can result in symptoms including dermatitis, cough, rhinitis, nose bleeds, cold and flu symptoms, headache, general malaise and fever.



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